Take Care

In my routine walk, I passed by an ex-lover in a beautiful spot I introduced him to, kissing another woman with tenderness and naivete, perhaps their first.

I didn’t feel anything but relief. Funny that he couldn’t find anything more original. I actually felt a kindred angel was looking over me, leading me passed this moment at this exact time, to share an epiphany with me.

Only I will personally know this epiphany that I won’t articulate in words, but I am grateful for my walk, and walking away as I did from my past.

Crabapple Drive

Recalling the moment I knew. I fell witness to the first small white lie, that I courageously brought up in murmur. Courageous because knowing how when you might hurt a little from my whisper of words, I would always hurt myself a lifetime more, even though the lie was never mine.

That was my always my perception of care. A selflessness that I was bound to naturally, innately, learned from my mother and my father, my grandmother and my grandfather. Giving goodness in grace, and never asking for more in return.

But I am far from perfect. Do we live or learn to brave?

If We Were Made Of Water

Klas Ernflo

But you have gentle eyes
That I love, that I hate, that I love, that I hate
That I love, that I hate, that I love.

Estee Kim

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